Our Mission


We help you connect deeply with the past.


Humans yearn to discover our shared history when we travel, but it's hard to connect deeply with the past. We listen to audio tours and read guide books, and yet we struggle to appreciate what it must have felt like to actually be there during the moments that matter most. Visual perception is significantly more important than our other senses, so it's no surprise that to believe something, we must see it with our own eyes.

Our mission is to make time travel believable with location-based virtual reality, or what we like to call "locational reality." Going back in time enables our mind to fill the void carved out by the confines of our imagination. 

OWL VR is is your Delorean. When we step backward into the moments that define us, we carry the treasure of those memories wherever we roam.



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Unlock the power of locational reality.




Owlized was born in 2013 in San Francisco to help the public see the future of Market Street. The City had big plans to improve the central corridor with new bike lanes and wider sidewalks and needed to show the community what these important changes would look like. The first OWL kiosk was a two-dimensional 360-degree viewer that we bolted to the sidewalk at the corner of 6th and Market. Over the course of a week, hundreds of people looked through the OWL and saw the future. It was a hit. 

Today, OWL and OWL VR have been deployed across California and in New Mexico, Hawaii and countless trade shows across the United States. We continue to support government agencies in their quest to engage citizenries around important urban planning challenges, particularly around climate change and sustainable transportation. 

With the commercial debut of OWL VR at CES and Pearl Harbor in 2016, we opened a new chapter, focusing on bringing history to life for travelers to the world's most visited destinations.

Our passion for time travel is the driving force behind every project we work on. Owlized is committed to improving the human experience by fostering a deeper connection to the places we cherish.